Welcome to Amia!

We are a community of Neverwinter Nights players spread over two servers set in the Forgotten Realms. Amia: Island is the main isle of Amia, located just west of Ruathym. Amia: Abroad houses all surrounding isles and even reaches to distant shores, such as the frigid northern lands of the Frozenfar, as well as the deadly Underdark.

We offer a variety of flavors to the role-playing community and we have an active Development Team with designers and scripters to keep the world growing and molding to our players' activities.

Job System

The Amia Job System is a unique and interesting way to flesh out your character's story. Is she a Musician? Likes to fish? Gain ranks as you level your character and become more efficient with your job!

You can gain some XP through this system, as well.

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Mythal Crafting System

The popular Mythal Crafting System allows you to take mythal crystals (items often found as treasure in the game) to a Mythal Forge to alter and enhance almost any item your character can equip!

Found a +1 Longsword, but you think it's boring? Snag a mythal and slap some cold damage on it to make it uniquely yours!

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Deity & Prayer System

All characters have access to an amazing Prayer System, with Clerics able to utilize it for extra bonuses! With a vast array of gods, each with six possible cleric domains to choose from, you can pursue whatever path you want.

All characters can choose a deity and have a chance at a boon from their god. A character with a Divine class (Paladin, Divine Champion, etc.) gains a bonus toward the Prayer success roll!

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Dynamic Faction Areas

The new Faction system allows dynamic area development without the need for Developer or DM involvement. Gather a bunch of friends together and build your own home or faction base!

Gather Job System resources to increase your reputation and gain access to extra decorations and features!

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Custom Content

Amia is rife with custom content. From custom-sculpted dragon body parts for dragon-related characters to custom heads and helmets, there are countless ways that you can customize your character to fit your vision. You can also reskin your summoned creatures or get a bottled companion of that page who won't stop following your character around.

Make your character as unique and interesting as you want!

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Spell & Class Changes

The majority of Neverwinter Nights spells on Amia have been altered in some manner. Spell focus feats have been enhanced; Evocations might have a little side-effect alongside the usual damage. The Amia Dev Team has sought to make the mechanics of the game fun and interesting!

Several classes have also been modified. Knight Commander and Master Scout are two entirely new classes built on the Purple Dragon Knight and Harper Scout classes. Even Red Dragon Disciple has been modified to allow for a wider range of roleplay possibilities!

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